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Support & Services

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We provide complete system design installation support & maintenance services. Few rooms speak more dramatically about the quality, excellence, and prestige of a company brand than the Executive Boardroom. It is the domain of corporate leadership and the site of presentations and key meetings. Those invited to the Boardroom often key Executives in other enterprise organizations. The quality of the presentations is key to the perception of how the host organization is to be perceived and remembered. Equipping these rooms with the latest technology, to give clear crisp images, easy to understand and impressive sound, are just a few of the design parameters that are engineered in these facilities. Touch-panel control systems, Telepresence level video conferencing, and also streaming video solutions are all some of the technologies integrated into these rooms.

Our professional sales staff is committed to provide 100% overall customer satisfaction in quality, value, and service. In fact, we take pride in developing close working relationships with all our customers. Our sales staff makes effort to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our facilities have the capacity to support the requirements of the largest institutions. At the same time we are flexible to give you personalized and individual service, as and well required.

Our technical support staff is available to answer any question you may have related to our products. We will provide you information on Technical Specifications, Certificates of Analysis, and Material Safety Data Sheets to ensure you can select as per your unique need(s). Our technical support staff can also assist you for any of your special requirements or custom needs.

IISP has a dedicated team of professionally trained Service Engineers, Programmers and technicians who take care of our rental services provided for audio visual systems and Broadcasting equipment of different brands.

IISP consultancy is conducted usually by an expert or a professional in a specific field who has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. The role of a consultant is not limited just to advise you but we also provide full proof tailor made solutions to accompish your requirements.