An audio conference, or teleconference, is simply when a meeting between several parties is held over the telephone instead of in person. The party instigating the audio-conference is known as the calling party and those joining the call are known as the participants.

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Multipurpose team telepresence systems are ideal for turning meeting rooms of all sizes into telepresence rooms. The systems are fully interoperable with standards-based video phones, PC-based video solutions, or third-party telepresence systems. Your teams can collaborate more productively with high-definition telepresence systems that combine excellent user experience with true-to-life quality for rich interaction.

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Aver EVC130
Aver EVC900
PolyCom Real Presence 500
PolyCom Real Presence 700

Capture, Record and Take Snapshot. Leave your PC behind. Record HD footage in 1080p. No PC required

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AverMedia EzRecorder 530
AverMedia ExtremeCap 910